Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Camp

That he does not have a one-to-one personal assistant is why my son was turned down for attending a summer day camp in Long Beach, California.  It is a reasonable decision on the part of the camp administration, but a real eye-opener for me.

Who can turn down a child who wishes to play with the others?  Why aren't there more options for recreational activities for Special Needs children?  The ones that do exist cost an arm and a leg, and they do not last the whole summer or even for a full day or week.  I am quite discouraged at this reality, and today I am making it my personal goal to establish and/or find a program that makes my son, and other kids like him, feel as important as other children.  Moreso than other kids, autistic kids really need to play and interact with other children their age, so why there are not more programs that encourage this, I do not know.

Our workload is heavy and the days to carry it are long, Super Parents, but let's hang in there and get some proper and equivalent services for our autistic kids.  It is the only right thing to do because, after all, they only have one life to live just like the rest of us.  They deserve to enjoy it -- especially in the summer while they are still young!

Peace, love and happiness to you all...

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